Passport application at the consulate

Passport application or renewal - Consular Assistance

The consular department of the embassy of your home country is able to assist you in applying or renewing your passport. They also can help you in case you need a emergency travel document.

Some consulates, like the bigger consulate general are also capable in assisting you with passport related matters.

While you are abroad, only the embassy or consulate of your homecountry can issue passports or emergency travel documents.

Passport application forms and information on procedures to submit an application can usually be found on the officail website of the embassy or consulate.

Is it the case that there is no consulate or embassy of your homecountry located in the country where you are at the moment and you need passport assistance you should contact a consulate or embassy of your homecountry in a neighboring country.

You should always contact the consulate or embassy before you apply for a new passport because in most cases you need to make an appointment first. You can visit the official website or contact the consular department by phone or email.

Passport Information

The national government of your homecountry issues your passport.

Sometimes passports are produces by embassies themselves but in most cases your passport will be produced in your homecountry and send to your embassy.

Your passport certifies your identity and your nationality for international travel.

In your passport you will find among others, your facial picture, full name(s) and family name, gender, date of birth, and place of birth.

Automatic entry into a foreign country is not a guarantee if you hold a passport only. In many cases you also need a valid visa.

Common types of passports

Most common types of passports are ordinary passports (tourist passport or regular passport), official passports (employees of the government), diplomatic passports (government officials and diplomats) and emergency passports (for lost or stolen passports with not enough time to obtain a new one)

Immigration and passports

When you enter a country immigration officials will often stamp exit and entry stamps. Such stamps in your passport are used for several purposes by the country you are travelling in.

For information on passport application matters, inquire the consulate or embassy of your homecountry directly by email, website or telephone call.