Visa Application

For all visa related matters always consult the embassy or consulate of your intended destination country in your home country before you travel abroad.

The embassy or consulate are the official sources to find all visa related matters such as application procedures and specific types of visa.

A visa is a sticker, stamp or document in your passport that gives you authorization to enter or leave a specific country.

Please note:
A visa is subject to permission from immigration officials at the time of the actual entry into the country. A visa does not guarantee entry.

When there are reciprocal visa treaty arrangements between countries you don't need a visa. For example, citizens from countries within the Schengen States of the European Union can travel without a visa within all countries in said area.

Visas always have various conditions of stay attached. Conditions can be for example a maximum period of stay, validity dates, amount of enrtries/visits and the purpose of travel.

A visa application in advance at a consulate or embassy gives you certainty that you can travel to your desired country and saves you time during your travel.

In some cases and in some countries you can apply for a visa through a specific visa service company. Always check with the embassy or consulate if such a visa service company is authorized to do so.

When you find yourself in a country where you need to apply for a visa for your next destination and there is no consulate or embassy located of your destination country you can try to apply for a visa in a neighboring country.

Types of Visa

There are many different categories of visas depending on the issuing country. The most common types are:

- Short-stay: Transit visa, Tourist visa, Medical visa, Business visa
- Long-stay visa: Student visa, Temporary worker visa, Journalist visa, Residence visa, Immigrant visa, Spousal visa, Marriage visa, Pensioner or Retirement visa
- Official visa: Government job visa
- Diplomatic visa: for people who have a diplomatic passport

Visa - Entry and duration period
Visas can be for a single entry into the host country or for multiple entries. Some countries also use a system of re-entry permits with which you can temporarily leave the country without invalidating your current visa.

For information on visa application matters, inquire the consulate or embassy of your homecountry directly by email, website or telephone call.